Massachusetts Septic Title 5 Inspection Requirements

If you are selling your home, you cannot close without a passing Title V inspection of your septic system, completed by an inspector who is licensed by the state and your town

A Title V Inspection is good for 2 years. However, the inspection will be valid for 3 years if you have documented septic pumping service each year on or before the anniversary date of your septic system inspection. Certain remodeling projects may also require a Title V inspection.

If you Pass – Once inspected by the Board of Health, a report will be issued. If you pass you will receive an 18 page certified report from Title Five Inspections.

If You Conditionally Pass – Our certified technicians will tell you what component needs to be replaced or repaired.

Further Evaluation – If the Title V inspection determines your septic system needs further evaluation by the Board of Health Title Five Inspections will guide you through the process.

If You Fail – Our team will explain the issue, and the Board of Health will tell you what steps must be taken next.