Canton Title 5 Septic Inspection

Title 5 inspection requirements in Canton, MA

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Title 5 State Code Dictates The Requirements For A Septic inspection In Canton

In Canton, MA the Title 5 of the Massachusetts Environmental Code, as administered by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) governs septic systems in Massachusetts. These regulations dictate the design, construction, operation and inspection of septic systems. The town of Canton, Massachusetts requires that septic systems adhere to these state-mandated regulations to pass Title 5 inspection.

Remember to always use an independent inspection service that does not install new systems when having a Title V septic inspection.

Criteria For A Septic Inspection in Canton

There are many things your septic inspector will be looking for when inspection your septic system. The following are the most important criteria that can be the difference from your system passing, failing or needing a repair.

  • Is there backup of sewage into facility or system component due to overloaded or
    clogged SAS or cesspool?
  • Is there discharge or ponding of effluent to the surface of the ground or surface waters
    due to an overloaded or clogged SAS or cesspool?
  • Are static liquid level in the distribution box above outlet invert due to an overloaded
    or clogged SAS or cesspool?
  • Did the system required pumping more than 4 times in the last year NOT due to clogged or obstructed pipe(s)?
  • Is any portion of the SAS, cesspool or privy below high ground water elevation?
  • Is the septic tank metal and over 20 years old* or the septic tank (whether metal or not) structurally unsound?
  • Does the system have a septic tank and soil absorption system (SAS) and the SAS is within 100 feet of a surface water supply or tributary to a surface water supply?
  • Does the system has a septic tank and SAS and the SAS is within 100 feet of a private water supply well?
  • Do you need to replace any components?
  • Does the pump Chamber pumps/alarms operational.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When do you need a Title 5 Septic inspection In Canton, MA?

  • Any transfer of property if the septic system is 2 or more years old
  • Prior to changing the building footprint of an existing structure

What can I expect during a Title 5 Septic inspection in Canton?

  • First our licensed Title 5 inspector will contact the local Board of Health to obtain the necessary documents (permits, as-built plans, etc.) to complete the inspection
  • If plans are incomplete or not available, the inspector is equipped with state of the art locating equipment and fiber optic pipe cameras. This technology allows the inspector to effectively and efficiently locate components without as-built plans
  • The inspector will locate all system components, groundwater information and drinking water setbacks (well, reservoirs, etc.)
  • If it is necessary to dig in the yard in order to access the components, the inspector will always use tarps and cut sod if possible. The inspectors at Title 5 specialists do their best to leave the yard as undisturbed as possible
  • Inspectors will measure the level of solids in the tank. It is not required to pump the tank.
  • When will I get my Inspection Report?

  • The inspector will provide verbal results on site immediately following the inspection
  • Your final Title 5 inspection report with be delivered via email with 24 hours of the on-site inspection

What if my Septic System Fails to meet the state requirements?

  • About 10% of inspections performed fail
  • Approximately 15% of inspections require small repairs that can be performed shortly after inspection
  • Over 75% of inspections pass

If my system fails the Title 5 inspection in Canton, do I need to repair it?

  • State code requires a Title 5 inspection to sell a property, but does not require the system to be upgraded for 2 years. Therefore if you are able to negotiate with a potential buyer, the system can be upgraded after the sale of the property.
  • If no sale occurs, we are allowed to categorize your inspection as voluntary. If this is the case, no report will be sent to the board of health.
  • It is always recommended to speak with the Canton Health Department whenever you are dealing with upgrading your septic system