Title 5 inspection in winter

Title 5 Inspection in Lynnfield MA

Today Title Five Specialists were at a Title 5 inspection in Lynnfield MA. We still do septic inspections even when the ground is frozen. Lynnfield follows the Massachusetts state environmental codes. Here is a little more information about what goes into a Title 5 inspection.

When should you get a Title 5 Inspection?

So you’ve decided that you are going to sell your home, congratulations! If your home has a septic system, you’ll need to add a Title V inspection to your to-do list. Massachusetts requires the inspection for every home sale with a septic system, and it’s usually pretty straight-forward. Most homeowners, if they’ve properly maintained their system through the years, have a pretty good idea of its health.

A Title V inspection is a seventeen page report that measures the health of your system on a specific day. It’s not a guarantee of future performance. In most cases, you want an independent inspector who is not also an installer to perform the inspection.  This prevents any conflict of interest Title Five Specialists are independent inspectors.

What will the inspector look for?

For the system to pass there are several requirements. The leaching field must be draining properly. The system must be above the high ground water in the area and not too close to standing water. The inlet and outlet lines must have intact baffles. The d-box and the septic tank itself must be structurally sound. The lines leaving the house and moving through the system must allow steady water flow. The system will fail if the water is not draining through the leaching pipes.

Where does the inspector begin?

When you call to do your Title V Inspection, the first thing that is done is collecting information from Town Hall and getting the home’s septic plans from the Board of Health and water records from the Water Department. The next is to call Dig Safe if necessary. It’s a Massachusetts requirement that they be called for substantial dig jobs. If your system is over 4 feet underground the inspectors will need an excavator to gain access to your septic system. Dig Safe takes about seventy-two hours to ensure that no underground utilities are in the way, then gives me a start date and time.

What are the possible results of an inspection?

If everything is draining, without the need to replace any components, the system passes. If the system is in overall good shape, but an inspection component needs to be repaired, the system conditionally passes. Repairs will be made and with the approval of the Board of Health, the system will then pass. If your system has a major issue and fails the board of health will guide you into bringing your system back to Title 5 standards.

If you wish to schedule a septic inspection or if you have any questions about your septic system please do contact our Boston office (857)267-3849 or visit Title Five Specialists.