Title 5 Septic Inspection Sharon MA


MA Title 5 Inspections are required on all septic systems in the town of Sharon

Title 5 septic Inspections are required at the time of a real estate sale and went certain additions to a home are made.  It is important to note that in addition to MA required Title V standards, the town of Sharron imposes additional statutes. These statutes are under Article 7 of the Sharon Board of Health Regulations. https://www.townofsharon.net/sites/sharonma/files/file/file/healthregulationssharonfinal2016.pdf  Conditions that may cause your septic system to automatically fail are the most important to pay attention to. There are two added statutes that an inspector must look out for.

1. At the time of inspection, all septic tanks 25 years of age or older shall be replaced unless
structurally certified by a licensed Title 5 inspector to be sound and leak-proof.
2. At the time of inspection, all cesspools shall be replaced with systems in maximum feasible
compliance with Title 5 and Article 7.

Title Five Specialists are well versed in all of Sharon’s waste disposal bylaws.  Septic tanks that are over 25 years old and are structurally sound may remain.  However, if they are damaged they must be replaced. MA Title V allows cesspools that are functioning properly to remain. But Sharron Board of Health has decided that all cesspools must be upgraded. Its intent is to keep failing systems waste water from infiltrating the ground water supply without proper treatment. The basics of a Title 5 Inspection involve exposing all of the components of your system. Than evaluating how well they are functioning. This posses takes roughly two hours.  A Title 5 Inspection will recognize any problems you may be experiencing with your system. When appropriate the Inspector will recommend the popper action to correct it.

Unbiased Title 5 Septic inspection

In order to have an unbiased inspection, it is important to have your system inspected by an independent licensed MA Title V inspector . Be careful of having septic systems inspected by companies who also do repairs and installations.  Businesses that benefit from your septic failing may advise you to getting unnecessary repairs.